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Top 5 Flymo Lawnmowers


Choosing the Best Flymo Lawnmower

Flymo is an incredible garden tools brand that has thrived in the market for years. Whenever you think of the capabilities of a particular product, you like to think of it as quick and easy. This exactly fits Flymo motto. Manufactured in the UK, Flymo products are reliable, and they are considered to be among the best brands. Moreover, Flymo lawnmowers have exceptional recommendations from users and sellers. With years of research and expertise, we have come up with the best models that will suit your needs in your search for the best Flymo lawnmowers in the market.

Furthermore, choosing the best lawnmowers can be a daunting task if you do not have ideas on how to look for the best models. Luckily, we will provide you with excellent tips and guidelines to give you ideas on how you can choose the best model for your use. Most notably, all models come ready to use as they do not require any assembly. You will only have to unfold the handle and have the unit ready for your use. Therefore, your task is to find out which features will work best for you and how to use them. See below these features and factors.

Our top pick

Flymo Glider Electric Hover Compact 330AX Collect Lawn Mower

This model is suitable for medium-sized lawns. It has a compact design that is perfect for cutting lawns on areas around walls and fences. Moreover, the handles can fold neatly over the machine; thus, the model provides you with a smooth storage option.

Product specifications and features

 Weight: 9.4 kg
 Dimensions: 139x42x74.5 cm
 Cutting width: 33cm
 Style: 330AX Glider Compact


 The fact that the model effortlessly floats on air cushion makes it flexibly cut through any direction.
 It is easy to use as you do not require any assembly.
 The machine is light-weight; thus, you can quickly move around with it.
 It has an ergonomic design; therefore, it glides through effortlessly.
 The mower can handle different lengths of grasses with ease.
 You can do a quick and effortless tidy up with the machine, and thus, your mowing becomes a breeze.


The main factor that you need to understand and analyze is the dimensions and size of your lawn. Thus, the elements will play a massive role in indicating the type of mower that you need. In case you have a small garden, having an extremely potent machine is unnecessary. As a result, you will end up spending more money on a product that will not serve you well, depending on the purpose. On the contrary, spending a lesser amount on a worthwhile model that will serve the purpose just right will give you value for your money.

Since a small lawn will require little time to work on, a small machine with just enough power is recommendable. Again, electric models work best for small lawns. These models provide the right energy that you need for a small lawn and come at lower prices. More so, they are easy to store as well as maintain all year long. For more extensive lawns, you require mowers that complement their sizes and are also up to the task when it comes to the power output. These
factors work in your advantage, as you need to make the process of cutting easier for yourself.

Naturally, petrol models have more power than electric models. Therefore, depending on the size of your lawn, you will be able to choose the model that works best for you in terms of the power that you need. Powerful machines perform their work efficiently, even on extensive lawns. As much as electric and battery-powered models can still handle vast lawns, you will be at a
disadvantage of flexibly moving around while working due to the cable lengths and battery capacity.

Sloppy lawns

The best robotic models have remarkable capabilities that once you set them at a precise boundary, they can work independently. Moreover, these models can handle slopes in your lawn. Thus, you not only have to use them on flat surfaces but also sloppy areas. However, you need a more powerful machine to be able to handle such a lawn with ease. Moreover, these models need
an extra drive feature in them to pull through the hilly areas as efficiently as possible. The Flymo lawnmowers with such capabilities not only tackle extensive lawns, but they also handle gardens that have hills.


You need a machine that will give you a smooth time in storing when it is not in use. Therefore, if you have limited space, you do not need to spend money on an enormous model which will give you a hard time to store. On the brighter side, other models come with the option of storing that can work for you.

For example, electric mowers come with designs that allow you to hang them on the wall, a feature that you will hardly find on petrol models. The residual petrol is likely to spill or seep into the engine, which is why it will not be appropriate for you to hang a petrol machine. However, the mow and stow feature allows you to fold and store the device; thus, it makes up for
the fact that you cannot hang it.

Cutting deck

A large cutting deck allows you to cut more grass efficiently. However, if your lawn has an irregular shape, manoeuvring with this model can be problematic. Therefore, you will work best and faster with such a mower if your lawn has a square or a rectangular shape.

Grass collection

Most mowers come with grass collection boxes. Large machines have larger collection boxes; thus, depending on the size of your lawn, you will have an idea whether to choose a robust mower or a small model.

Let’s now delve into our recommendations of the best Flymo lawnmowers you will find today.

Flymo EasiStore 340R

This lawnmower features a 40V battery; thus, you can efficiently work on your lawn. It is mostly suitable for small lawns. You will find a sizeable 35-litre collection box which reduces the rounds of emptying.

Product specifications

 Weight: 13kg
 Dimensions: 1202x950x388 cm
 Batteries: 2 lithium batteries
 Cutting width: 34 cm
 Colour: Orange and Grey
 Style: Cordless
 Material: Metal and plastic
 Voltage: 40 volts


 Because the features allow you to cut along flowerbeds and borders, you require less trimming.
 The integrated rear roller helps you create a tidy and attractive finish to your lawn.
 It is an upright travel model; thus, you will have flexible mobility.
 You can effortlessly move to one far corner to the other since it is cordless.
 It has easy to store steps, which include folding the handles, standing it vertically and hanging the collection box.

Flymo Easi Glide 300 Lawn Mower

This electric hover mower will leave your lawn looking tidy and attractive in no time. It has a 30 cm long cutting blade that efficiently cuts through your grass to the length that you prefer.

Product specifications

 Weight: 8.5 kg
 Dimensions: 143x40x135 cm
 Cutting width: 30 cm
 Colour: Orange
 Power source: Electric
 Wattage: 1300 watts


 With the full assembly in comes with, all you have to do is plug and mow.
 It floats on an air cushion; thus, you can flexibly move around with it.
 The model makes it easy to collect and empty the grass.
 It has a long cable; hence, you can move with the mower to far distances.
 The machine is suitable for use in small and medium gardens.
 With the quality and sturdy design, you get value for your money.

Flymo Vac 250 Lawn Mower

This model is suitable for small gardens. It utilizes a 1400W electric motor that is powerful; thus, you get to mow your lawn efficiently.

Product specifications and features

 Cutting height: 4 steps (11-31mm)
 Collector volume: 15L
 Cutting height adjustment Spacers
 Blade type: Metal
 Cutting width: 25cm
 Weight: 6.9kg
 Dimensions: 79x39x81 cm


 The model is easy to use.
 You can fold it flat; thus, it is easy to store.
 The blades provide you with neat and sharp cuts; hence, they are long-lasting.
 The machine can collect and compact a lot of grass; therefore, you do less emptying rounds.
 It has an easy assembly design, as all you have to do is screw the handles together and fit them to base.
 The machine is small and compact; thus, it gives you a secure storage option.
 It is light-weight and easily manoeuvrable.

Flymo Speedi-Mo Electric 360C Lawn Mower

This is an ideal mower for large lawns. It comes with time-saving capabilities and a lever for height adjustment that makes it easy for you flexibly adjust it to the level of your comfort.

Product specifications

 Weight: 11.5 kg
 Dimensions: 126x41x99 cm
 Colour: Multi-colour
 Cutting width: 36 cm
 Wattage: 1500W
 Blade type: Metal
 Cable length: 12m
 Collector volume: 40L


 The lawnmower is easy to assemble.
 You will have a variety of heights to work in that will come in handy, especially when
the weather is not good; thus, you get to protect your grass.
 The model has a beautiful and attractive finish.
 It has a sturdy material; thus, it is durable and gives you value for your money.
 It is light-weight; therefore, you can quickly move around with it for long distances.
 It is easy to store.


Choosing a suitable Flymo lawnmower can be a tricky process if you do not understand the qualities to look for and factors to consider. Furthermore, with the seemingly endless varieties available in the market today, you can easily choose the wrong product. The essential features that we have discussed above will come in handy in helping you select the perfect model for your use. Otherwise, if you choose the wrong machine, you will give yourself more work than necessary.

Having the right choice will mean saving your time, effort and energy and achieving the right results on your lawn. As much as it is hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing a new machine, the guidelines and tips that are articulated above will be of help to you. With the recommendations of the best models, you can scrutinize the features, specifications and benefits,
to find which one is most suitable even as a beginner. All the models come with different capabilities, and they especially give you value for your money. Without a doubt, once you consider the size and dimensions of your lawn, you will have an easy time choosing the most reliable Flymo lawnmower.

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